Creating Change

Look good. Do good.

April 9, 2017


We live in a world of imbalance, our quality of life primarily dictated by the lottery of where we are born. Things that seem basic to many people are often a luxury to others. Take your eyesight, for example. One in ten of the world’s population are not able to get access to the eye care they need and will not know a life without the sometimes disabling effects of poor vision.

Providing spectacles to that ten per cent of people is one of the most cost-effective health interventions you can make. You are enabling a person to read, to write, to learn; to do something as basic as threading a needle. It provides a better opportunity for that person to gain employment and ultimately earn an income for themself and their family. It’s incredibly empowering and it’s that simple.

Pala was founded on this straightforward notion. The heart of our brand philosophy is to help create this positive change. For every pair of sunglasses we sell, a pair of prescription glasses is provided to a person that needs them – through grants we give to vision centres, dispensaries and screening programmes – in low income countries in Africa.


It’s an exciting journey to be going on and we hope you’ll join us on it.

Wear. Love. Give.