Buying prescription glasses online.

Ethical prescription glasses online, starting from £160.


Feeling uncertain about ordering your prescription glasses online correctly? We’ve pulled this page together as a guide to each step, ensuring the frames you receive are everything you need to see the world better.

If it’s style advice you’re looking for, use our virtual try-on feature. Take selfies and get opinions from your most trusted, and stylish of friends.

Classic square tortoiseshell glasses with a keyhole nose bridge detail being worn by a woman.

Is my prescription valid?

To get started, you’ll need a valid prescription. This means proof of an eye test carried out in the last 2 years – or more recently if you’ve noticed a change in your vision.

If you don’t have this, book an eye test at your local optician and ask for a dated and signed copy of your prescription at the end of your appointment – opticians are always happy to oblige.

Translucent crystal glasses in both square and round shapes. The Pala logo is visible on the inner arm of the optical frame.

Which lenses can I buy online?

Pala offer single-vision lenses to buy and be fitted online. These are used for daily wear and can cater to both short-sighted and long-sighted needs such as driving or reading.

We’re not able to offer multifocal lenses online as precise measurements are required to be taken in person (although technology is catching up!) However, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your basket with us. You can purchase your favourite Pala frames and bring them to your local opticians to have multifocal lenses fitted.

Vintage round glasses frame in black being worn by a man. Details show a keyhole bridge.

Tell me about the lenses and coatings?

We use high quality optical lenses that include anti-scratch, anti-glare and UVA/UVB coatings as standard.

Spectacles can be customised with a blue light-blocking filter or transition lenses (you know, the kind that tints when sunlight is detected).

All sunglasses come with 100% UVA/UVB protection, with a premium collection of polarised options available. You are now able to fit your single-vision prescription into any Pala sunglasses frame.

Yellow to crystal glasses frame in a strong square shape, ideal for men's glasses.

Which lens should I choose?

We offer three different types of single-vision lenses; 1.5 Regular, 1.6 Thin and 1.67 Ultra-thin. Effectively, the stronger, or more complex your prescription, the thinner the lens is recommended. But let’s get more specific than that. Use this guide to order lenses based on the SPH and CYL shown in your prescription:

– 1.5 Regular lenses:
SPH and CYL of -2.00 or +2.00 or smaller

– 1.6 Thin lenses:
SPH and CYL between -2.25 or +2.25 and -3.50 or +3.50

– 1.67 Ultra-thin lenses:
SPH and CYL between -3.75 or +3.75 and -4.75 or +4.75

If your prescription is above -4.75 or +4.75, get in touch with our optical team who can advise you on the best lens options for your needs.

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Restoring vision in Africa with every purchase.


Teenage boy wearing glasses in class at a school in Africa,

See the world better.

Every time you purchase a pair of Pala frames to protect or correct your vision, 4% of your order is donated to Vision Action. We’re on a mission to provide accessible and affordable eyecare in Africa, by building 5 vision centres by 2030.

Following the success of the Chinsali Vision Centre in Zambia, we are fundraising for a new centre in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone.

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