Your impact in Africa

Pala was set up in 2017 with restoring vision in Africa as the beating heart of our purpose. In fact, we wouldn’t exist without it. Selling eyewear was dreamed up as a solution to the lack of eye care available in a country John came to know and love many years ago.

The extent to which good eyesight can impove lives and communities is a simple, yet mighty thing. From children being able to stay in school and go on to fulfil their dreams, because their parents are also able to stay in fulfilling work for longer.

Year by year, social mobility improves, less people live in poverty and the more we all get to see the world better. 4% of every Pala order is donated to Vision Action. Without our customers, this change couldn’t happen…

The headlines…

  • £47,327
    provided in grants to eyecare projects in Africa via our charity partner Vision Action.
  • 12,500+
    people received prescription glasses or corrective surgery.
  • 26,293
    patients screened at the Chinsali Vision Centre in Zambia so far.
  • 380+
    community members screened and treated as part of a school outreach project in Ethiopia.
  • 45,000
    vitamins given to prevent blindness among children in Kenya.
  • 90
    sunglasses donated to protect people with albinism in Zambia and Kenya.
Young africa boy having his eyes tested by an optometrist in Zambia

Real stories

Meet like likes of Emmanuel Chambo, who dreams of becoming an optometrist after his visit to the eye hospital or the 700 children that received glasses as a result of a school teacher training programme over in our Journal. Updated with stories from projects still running in Africa years later.

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The detail

If you fancy diving into the finer details of Pala’s impact in Africa, employment, the environment and much more you can grab a cup of tea and flick through our latest Impact Report.

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The UN Sustainable Development goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be thought of as the long-term strategy document for the world, providing a blueprint for what is required to ensure people and planet are on a sustainable and prosperous course by 2030.

In order to deliver on this ambitious framework, we believe that our decision-making as business – always to look through the lens of minimise our impact on planet and maximising positive impact on people will keep focus on achieving our goals.

Technology in materials, manufacturing and recycling processes will be an important development in these years to come so that we as a business can do our part in bridging economic and social gaps and addressing the climate crisis.

We continually review and measure our alignment with a number of these goals. We have outlined the goals we SDG’s we align to as a business more and you can click on the ‘+’ sign to find out more on how we do that.