Pala Ambassador

Vedangi Kulkarni

Vedangi is always keen for an adventure, be it cold water swimming, long distance hiking or cycling, climbing, mountain biking or travelling through  remote places. Her happy place is anywhere outside, in the wild, and on the move.

She is the steward of New Forest Off Road Club, an ambassadors for Cycling UK and Ordnance Survey’s #12nightsoutin1year challenge and works with several other outdoor brands to work towards her mission: to make adventure accessible by providing practical knowledge and skills to help more people find comfort in the outdoors. Through her business The Adventure Shed, she runs a couple of digital products to help with that. Her most recent launch was Adventure Planning Blueprint- an all in one expedition/adventure planning document with all the necessary templates and guidelines to help you plan your dream adventure efficiently and safely.

She’s currently writing a book about why humans need adventure. Her current adventure plans include a bike ride across Finland, Sweden and Norway; a winter ride in Alaska; several UK based e-bike adventures in an attempt to encourage more people to consider using e-bikes instead of cars for their short trips; Silk Road Mountain Race 2022; Atlas Mountain Race 2022; a long distance running adventure in Scottish Highlands and many others. She creates content for Instagram + Facebook, Youtube and her soon-to-be-launched Medium blog. When she’s not riding her bike or floating on her back in some body of water, you can find her reading non fiction books, mostly philosophical or reflective adventure stories.

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