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Building trust and driving change. Our moments in the sun.

Building trust and driving change as an ethical brand

In a world where it has become increasingly tricky to decipher the genuine from the fake, the filter-free from the photoshopped and the green from the greenwash, we find ourselves becoming more discerning, and actively looking for evidence of the truth.

I’ve personally started doing this a lot more when it comes to brands that I shop with, and I’m guessing as you’re here reading this, you do too.

As a certified B Corp, Pala is committed to meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Putting planet and people first is a principle that has always sat at the heart of everything we do. As a small, ethical business, we don’t have the budgets of similar brands for advertising, so we very much rely on word of mouth to keep our mission alive. Or as we like to think, kicking it old school.

Model wearing ethical Cat Eye Sunglasses

But what makes someone talk about a brand? Having an amazing social impact? Using innovative materials that are better for the planet? Being a brilliant employer?

Really, it depends on what makes you tick. But one thing that all of these brand values need, is validation. Otherwise, it’s hard to trust.

Certifications like B Corp are a really great place to start, as they’re thorough and all-encompassing. But we’ve found awards have also been a brilliant trigger for conversation and secondary validation.

Over the last few years we’ve started to gain recognition for our care and dedication to being a responsible brand. So if you don’t mind, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate our wins with you – and perhaps even be the inspiration to spark a conversation about the mission we’re on. Because like we said, word of mouth is everything.

Best Ethical Fashion Brand of the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards

Best Ethical Fashion Brand 2022 – Marie Claire UK Sustainability Awards

We were recently recognised by one of the UK’s largest fashion and lifestyle publications and leader in the conversation for sustainable fashion as the Best Ethical Fashion Brand. How awesome is that? To see our wrap-around ethical approach to business championed by Marie Claire was a major high for the team and we hope to inspire more of their readership to see the world better through their purchases.

“Pala Eyewear truly gets me excited about what is possible in business with purpose. They show the power of putting people and planet first,”

MC Sustainability Awards judge and sustainability and brand consultant, Ele Ward.

Eco Age Approved Sunglasses Brand

Eco-Age Brand Mark

Eco-Age is the authority on sustainability in the fashion industry and beyond. They guide brands on how to be more sustainable and encourage an ethos of collaboration and commitment to help bring global business to a more just and sustainable standard.

Companies that meet the Eco-Age Principles are awarded the brand mark, so it makes it really easy to spot a truly sustainable brand when you’re shopping around – like us!

“Stylish and philanthropic – what more could you want?”

Good On You Rated Sunglasses

Good On You Rated

Good On You is the go-to directory for finding sustainable and ethical fashion, supported by Emma Watson. Brands are put through a rigorous rating system, which without getting too technical is evaluated using over 500 data points (such as policies, standards and red flags) across 100 key areas that indicate how sustainable a brand really is.

Good On You endorse brands that rank as ‘Good’ or ‘Great’. Pala are currently Good, and working towards Great.

“Pala Eyewear offers high quality, long-lasting eyewear while committing to minimise the company’s impact on the planet.”

Shortlisted for The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2022: ‘Sustainable Development’ Category

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are for outstanding achievement by UK businesses. It’s a pretty tricky one to get involved with as there’s a lot of due diligence and governance involved. So applicants have to really know their stuff inside and out – and ultimately be doing something with material positive impact.

We’re really proud to have been shortlisted in the sustainable category this year – it was a happy reminder that Pala is able to contribute to a more sustainable future. Who knows, next year we might make it to the royal reception for a delightful cup of tea.

Common Objective Leadership Award Winner 2022

Common Objective Leadership Award 2022: Accessories

Rewarding Leadership in fashion business, the CO Leadership Award celebrates ambition for, and commitment to, great business practices that transform lives – and solve environmental challenges. This, for Common Objective, is leadership.

We were super chuffed to receive recognition from Common Objective alongside less than 20 other accessories brands.

Top 10 Organisations To Escape To 2021 – The Escape 100

Awarded through Escape the City – Pala was measured against 6 criteria – mission, scale of impact, innovation, environment, B Corp status and workplace culture. Receiving one of the top 100, well, actually top 10 scores any organisation they reviewed.

Sadly, we don’t have any vacancies right now should this have inspired you, but trust me, it really is an awesome place to work.

“This is a real testament to the work you’ve done building a progressive and forward-thinking organisation and we’re honoured to have you as part of the Escape 100 2021”


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