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Moving into 2022, what’s next?

brighton pier sunset

Well, I really thought 2021 was going to make up for 2020, but on reflection think it was worse! With Covid very much still in our lives, the climate emergency shouting louder and mental health issues ever poignant, it was, shall we say…tricky at times. But if it’s taught me one thing, it is to remember to take a breath and to go easy on ourselves.  Learning that alone, has served me well.


So how did Pala tiptoe through 2021? ‘Quiet progress’ would be a fair assessment, peppered with pride for what we did achieve in spite of the challenges.

Highlights for the business was our move to Italy and the small batch production process of our frames. It means we now only produce what is needed to help reduce waste. It may mean from time-to-time that we do not have a frame in stock, in which case it will likely be available for pre-order instead. A small sacrifice but for a more sustainable approach to business and I would like to think ‘slow fashion’ at its absolute finest.

In a short time, we’ve forged an incredible relationship with our new frame makers – Gabriele, Eleonora and their family over in Asti, Northern Italy. A visit to film the production of our eyewear and was met with an experience of their wonderful Italian hospitality and a chance to meet the wider family.

Pala supplier lunch in Italy

Break in filming to enjoy Italian hospitality

Last year we secured more frame collaborations than ever before, creating co-branded frames for other brands and embarking on our first ever designer collaboration. Working with the lovely Madeleine Olivia, we were able to offer her followers and our customers a beautiful limited-edition pair of pastel pink vintage cat-eye frames, which proved hugely popular!

I managed to solidify our mission statement. Admittedly this may seem odd after almost 6 years trading, but we have never been able to succinctly put in words our ‘raison d’être’. Chatting to a creative friend of mine on a Zoom call that went on and on (but in a good way!) I found myself scribbling ‘see the world better’ on my notepad.

Through our giving to eyecare projects, through the benefits to our customers and even down to our journal content, those three key areas of our business all connect deeply with our mission to ‘see the world better.’ It is perfect… and my brain can take a break on that little task now!

Pala founder John Pritchard cold water swimming

John swimming with the murmuration in the distance

2022: Let’s go!

Excitingly, Pala is now in a place where we are ready to step-up. We aim to increase our focus on the eyecare projects in Africa; to re-enforce the story on how Pala helps offer a solution and came to be in the first place. We are also working on more brilliant collaborations, and you’ll see our first foray into blue light lens and optical frames later in the year.

We will continue to use the journal to primarily focus environmental issues as well as people who inspire us through their appreciation of the great outdoors. We want to look at some of the problems this planet is facing and see where the solutions are coming from so that we can all ‘see the world better’ and take our own small actions for positive change.

Pala continues to grow slowly and carefully and to that end I want to thank you too. Without customers and advocates for our brand we do not survive. We need you to share our story and we need you to feedback. Of course, we love to hear the good stuff, but for me I want to hear the not so good bits. That is how we’ll only ever improve. If you do have any feedback, then please do not hesitate to sent it to us at [email protected] I’ll pick up your message from there  and respond personally.

Wishing you health, happiness and success for 2022 from all of us here at Pala.