B Corp Certified

Make Business a Force For Good

From day one Pala has been a force for good. From giving to eyecare projects, through the benefits of designing sustainable eyewear and social mobility that comes with having a fair and equitable supply chain.

So joining the inspiring B Corp community in 2020 was a natural next step in our commitment to doing business the right way. It’s a way to show how much we value our internal and external stakeholders (that’s you!) and remain accountable for our actions.

Aminata and Patricia Sierra Leone

What’s the score?

B Corp scores are a great way for businesses and brands to internally measure and track their progress as a force for good. It gives a detailed picture of where we best champion people and the planet, and where there is room for improvement.

As a shopper, you might be interested in the detail (if so, you can see our score breakdown here). But generally, the certification process is thorough and rigorous, so you can rest assured if a brand is B Corp certified – they are committed to transparency, growth and positive impact.

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Pala Eyewear scores 84.1 in B Corp Certification.


Certified B-Corps are verified to balance profit with purpose through an in-depth assessment every three years. The emphasis is on ongoing improvement to better this score at each recertification.

We got a score of 84.1 in the 2020 B Impact Assessment. The median score for an average business is currently 50.9. Each B Corp pillar is rated against a different total depending on the questions.

Pala recertifies for B Corp status in Autumn 2023. We hope to improve our score from 2020 and prove we’ve become an even better business as a force for good!

“The B Corp movement is a network of businesses that value people and the environment as much, if not more than profit – aiming to create a global economy that uses business as a force for good.”

John Pritchard, founder, Pala

What are B Corp businesses?

Being a B Corp is all about ‘going beyond expectations’. From the bottom line to greenwashing. For social justice and for our communities. Businesses and leaders have to put their time and money where their mouth is and show up for the planet and its people as a priority over profit – in fact, we’re legally bound to do so.

Better Business This Way B Corp Month Sticker

It’s a movement, not a badge

As you can tell, from the emphasis on score improvement, community and purpose – this isn’t a greenwashing exercise for companies to exercise – nor is it a passing fad. There are now over 1,000 B Corps in the UK and 6,441 globally in 89 countries.

We don’t get to place the logo on our products and platforms without mobilizing around a cause, and making a tangible difference.

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B Corps we love...

Dame, we are dame logo. B Corp Period Care.

Going beyond the bottom line.

“DAME goes beyond the bottom line by being the leading activists in the period industry. Toxins, fragrances and plastics don’t belong in period products, we’ve made it our mission to eliminate them by creating comfortable and sustainable alternatives to the outdated, mainstream options. “

– Jesse Arenson, Marketing and Community Exec. DAME.

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Innocent Drinks Logo. B Corp Smoothies and health brand

Going beyond for people.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the people who work at innocent. We’re really proud to have an inclusive culture where everyone is free to be themselves and can thrive (even on a Monday). More than half of our B Corp points come from how we support our people. This ranges from our career development and scholarships, to things like flexible working, our mental wellbeing programmes and making sure everyone has a role to play with anything that makes us a responsible business. That includes our commitment to being a B Corp, our work on sustainability or inclusion and diversity, making nutritious products, charitable giving or volunteering.”

Estelle Gayout, Force for Good Content and Engagement Manager. Innocent Drinks.

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Bates Wells B Corp Law Firm

Going beyond for social justice.

“As a B Corp law firm we go beyond for social justice by supporting clients who want to make a difference in the world. By influencing wider policy through strategic litigation – like representing two Uber drivers in their fight for a fairer gig economy. And by playing a small part in dismantling structural inequalities within our workplace.”

– Angela Monaghan, Purpose & Impact Manager. Bates Wells.

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