Your Impact

First, a message...

As our understanding of the planet’s environmental limits is becoming clearer, Pala, as a manufacturer, understands the responsibility to drive, measure and benchmark our performance.

My ambition for Pala is to be the most sustainable eyewear brand on the planet. It is a huge challenge of course, but one the team here wholeheartedly embrace. We will always communicate our progress towards this goal and equally, share with you the impact you have created by virtue of supporting us. Below is a summary of what has been achieved together, however if you would like to go deeper still, then please read our 2022 Impact Report here.

Thank you.

John Pritchard, Pala

Environmental & Social Impact


provided in grants to eyecare projects in Africa via our charity partner Vision Aid Overseas, providing empowerment through the provision of spectacles or corrective surgery.

59.1 tonnes

of Co2 offset through the purchase of 115 Wonderbox cookstoves to families in Uganda and Rwanda. An 80% more efficient cooking method meaning less need for wood and better health conditions.

4.72 tonnes

of plastic prevented from going to landfill thanks to our recycled cases

25,000 vitamins

provided to children in Turkana, Kenya to help prevent blindness.


675 old frames

sent back to us from customers and opticians across the UK. These are sent on to TerraCycle where they are broken down and then upcycled into into new metal and plastic components.

31,000 water sachets

picked up off the grounds and use in our case stripes. Putting a value on what would normally be considered waste encourages recycling.

11,250 rainforest trees

protected through our partnership with One Tribe. Achieved through newsletter sign-ups and seasonal promotions. This is the equivalent of sequestering 1,891t on carbon.

40 Sunglasses frames

sent to Africa to provide protection from the sun for people with albinism. This is facilitated through the charity work of Albinism in Africa

The UN Sustainable Development goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be thought of as the long-term strategy document for the world, providing a blueprint for what is required to ensure people and planet are on a sustainable and prosperous course by 2030.

In order to deliver on this ambitious framework, we believe that our decision-making as business – always to look through the lens of minimise our impact on planet and maximising positive impact on people will keep focus on achieving our goals.

Technology in materials, manufacturing and recycling processes will be an important development in these years to come so that we as a business can do our part in bridging economic and social gaps and addressing the climate crisis.

We continually review and measure our alignment with a number of these goals. We have outlined the goals we SDG’s we align to as a business more and you can click on the ‘+’ sign to find out more on how we do that.