Pala Ambassador

Amelia Le Brun

Amelia Le Brun

Amelia has been involved in shoots for fashion, tourism, hotels and lifestyle in countries as varied as Canada, Iceland, Lord Howe Island, The Faroe Islands, Scotland and the US, as well as closer to home. She is always eager to work with companies who share her values. When travelling, she strives to visit both hidden gems and those locations more accessible and well known to the masses. She believes that people will always be able to relate to those individuals who are open and approachable, which will always be the way she lives and works.

Amelia with her pet pug

She is available to work on almost any project within the UK and abroad. Story telling is at the forefront of all work she creates, with a considerable amount of photos being shot on film, both for personal projects and client work.

amelia le brun outdoors in mountains

Amelia has been featured in print in magazines such as; Condé Nast Traveller, Lonely Planet, Lodestars Anthology and others.

Instagram: @amelialebrun