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Pala wins Marie Claire Sustainability Award

“Pala Eyewear truly gets me excited about what is possible in business with purpose. They show the power of putting people and planet first.”

Awards judge and sustainability & brand consultant,
Ele Ward.

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Making your frame

Making frames that last. But less, buy better

Pala uses the very best Italian craftmanship to make our frames. Produced in small, limited batches
by the Marchese family and using the finest, sustainable Italian bio-acetate and eco lenses we create
frames to last. We open the doors of the workshop so you can see how your frames are made.

See how our Eco frames are made

Review of pala sunglasses by Juliet
Customer Review

Juliet *****

The glasses have just arrived and I LOVE them!! Thank you also for the great customer service!!! Have a good evening!

Customer Review

Rebecca *****

I love my Pala sunnies SO much. Super stylish, but also somehow timeless. I’ve been wearing mine for a couples years and love them just as much as I did the day they arrived.

Customer Review

Gabriella *****

My Pala sunglasses come everywhere with me. They’re without a doubt my favourite sunnies I’ve ever owned. Genuinely really comfortable glasses.


b corp certified social and environmental impact

Our Impact Report

As a business founded on values of sustainability, it is important that we ‘walk the talk’. Our annual impact report is to provide an update on how we are minimising our environmental impact and maximising our social impact for the better.

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