How to adjust your sunglasses frames

We want your frames to fit you well and last as long as possible. Being an online business, we don’t enjoy the luxury of being there with you when you take your new frames out of their box, and sometimes they might need an adjustment to give you maximum comfort or… your existing pair may have stretched over time?

We’ll tell you why you may need to adjust your frame and how to do to it some easy-to-learn steps.

“But why do I need to adjust them?”

Well heads are not perfect...

Actually, for around 2% of you they are. We have left-right differences in the size of hands, feet, ankles and…. yes, our ears. Indeed, it is estimated that only 1 in 50 of us have ‘facial symmetry’ which means a perfectly balanced frame straight out of the box many not quite sit straight. A few simple adjustments of the temples (arms) will ensure you can adjust for that small difference in ear height to help you look stunning in your new sunnies.

Being more planet friendly

The beauty of bio-acetate is that it is predominantly plant-based and better for the planet. By being more of an organic product it can mean that their exposure to the extreme cold of a plane’s cargo hold and the rapid warming of their final destination can lead to a little bit of ‘material movement’. So on the rare occasion this might happen, a little ‘tweak’ may be necessary.

Your a frame 'pusher'

Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it. We’re all inclined to push those sunglasses up onto our heads when we find ourselves moving into the shade. The problem there is repeated habit will mean the temples will splay further apart. You’re left with a loose pair of frames that are only one good sneeze away from taking out the eye of the friend you’re sharing a coffee with.

Enough talking, just show me how?

adujstment video

Lens care

We apply anti-scratch to all our lenses, ensuring that they are less vulnerable to scratching. It does not mean however that they will never scratch and hurling them furiously or applying sandpaper will prove that point!

We presently do not offer replacement lenses, but it is on our roadmap to do so in the future. You can however take you frames to any opticians and get the lenses matched or even choose an entirely new colour of your own choice.

Lets talk screws

Temples (arms) can lose their stiffness and become loose after repeated opening and closing. It doesn’t affect the performance of the frame whatsoever but for some it can be an irritation. In some cases, it is as easy as replacing the screw which we can help you with, in other cases, the thread needs to be redone which would need a trip to your local opticians. When this happens a new, slightly larger screw gets inserted and the tighter fit of the screw in the thread is re-established.

“Our frames are built to last. Inevitably there is wear and tear over time and as much as possible we will help our customers prolong the life of their frame. Better for you, better for the planet.”

John Pritchard, Founder, Pala

If course if you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected] and we will do our very best to help you. Otherwise you can find more top tips for caring for you sunglasses to extend the life of your frames even more!