The right material choices

Our ambition is always to choose materials that are better for the environment, which means staying on top of innovation in the materials we use across every component part of our product, from the lenses in our frames right through to the packaging that arrives on your doorstep.

bioacetate colour swatches

Mazzucchelli plant-based sunglasses frame (68%). Biodegradable (UNI-EN-ISO 14855-2:2018 standard). Black frames from Laes recycled black (70%) acetate.


Pala recycled microfiber soft bags for sunglasses

Soft bags made from 70% recycled PET. Inks are vegan friendly .

sunglasses llenses

Our standard lenses (non polarised) are 39% resin of plant origin


Metal work detail on frame temple ends

The metalwork on our frames uses nickel-plated steel for both finish and performance. It is recyclable.

Woven recycled plastic case with weaver name on tag

Our cases are woven from recycled plastic from the manufacturing process. Each case is made from more than 50 strands and uses 6 discarded water sachets.


Pala box packaging

All packaging is either recycled or from FSC approved sources and can be recycled. Inks are vegan friendly. Our packaging is plastic free.

Innovation happens fast and we may unaware of a material solution or process out there that you think we should be looking at to reduce our impact on this planet more than we are now.  We would always love to hear from you if this is the case and listen to your discovery.

If it’s something we end up moving forward with, then we’ll definitely give you the recognition and a pair of sunglasses for your contribution to our better business. Please contact us at [email protected].