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Shopping ethically this Christmas

Woman wearing eco-friendly cat eye sunglasses. Supporting the Shop Ethical Instead Campaign

Overconsumption, or an opportunity to See The World Better?

Black Friday, and the entire festive season as been increasingly criticised for mindless consumption and it’s impact on the planet.

So, what’s wrong with spending habits at this time of year?

How can we use Christmas as a chance to See The World Better?

Support independent and local business

Did you know, for every £1 spent with a small or medium business, 63p remains in the local economy – compared to just 40p spent with larger ones.

Plus, small businesses are run by small teams who dance around the office every time you place an order. (That’s us!)

Make a plan for Black Friday

A quarter of people regret their Black Friday sale purchases. It’s easy to get distracted by big businesses shouting for your attention.

Make a list of what you actually need to buy ahead of Black Friday and stick to it!

Give back to charity

Look for opportunities to give back as well as gain.

At Pala, we’ll be donating £10 to Vision Action for every order placed over the Black Friday weekend.

Vote with your wallet

Gifting ethically goes beyond showing how much you care for your recipient, but it shows a guardianship for the planet – the resources and people it’s taken to get that gorgeous gift under the Christmas tree.

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