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Why a unique staycation is the holiday of the future

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Why are staycations on the rise? Well, planning a break can be difficult at the best of times. But the pause in jet-setting that the pandemic has created has also given us time to think about the impact of our travel. And it turns out, there’s a lot to see at home.

Enter the staycation – the staying vacation, or in other words, the joy of exploring corners of the country you live in. So what’s different these days?

In the last few decades, with all of Europe on our doorstep and cheap flights the norm, a holiday used to firmly mean a trip abroad. Staying at home was seen as passé. When you’ve only got a few precious weeks a year to use on holiday, why not escape to as far-flung a destination as possible?

This sort of black and white thinking is on the way out. Of course, there’s the poor planet to think of. While tourism as a whole contributes to 5% of the world’s emissions, half of that comes from the flights that take us to different countries. But while this is a compelling argument, that shift in mindset needed to come from thinking about the value of travelling as a whole.

The concept of going ‘away’ is in many ways an arbitrary one. While there is a definite need to disconnect on holiday, and put boundaries between normal life and a break, why do we have to fly somewhere to do that? And how can we claim to be explorers when we don’t even know the places that we’re from that well? Just because a staycation destination is ‘near me’ doesn’t mean it’s not worth seeing.

What’s more, working from home has also helped to shift the focus of all-or-nothing holidays. Rather than taking a two-week trip to race around a different country trying to cross off all the hotspots, why not use a long weekend to drive to a few places you’ve never got around to seeing? In short, less travel time means more time experiencing the present.

It took a hard stop to get people thinking like this. But now that we are, the appetite for luxury staycation destinations in the UK is on the rise. It definitely helps the staycation case that many of the top luxury staycation destinations in the UK have sustainability at their heart, designed to ensure we can fulfil our fantasies without a whiff of guilt.

eco home for staycation

And the fact that there are more than a few cracking places to see is a boost too. Liz Simpson, Kip Hideaways co-founder, says: “In 2021 the staycation market has boomed and is showing no sign of slowing. But it’s not JUST the restrictions on international travel that are making UK holidays so tempting right now; it’s the quality of accommodation, and the sheer beauty of the UK. For years, we’ve all hopped on cheap flights to reach gorgeous beaches, sweet seaside towns and stunning countryside, but this last year has made us realise that all this is right here, and just an easy car or train journey away.”

The traditional holiday is changing how it looks, and that’s no bad thing. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint on your next break, it’s not just about your destination, but what you take to it. Make sure to leave no trace wherever you go, and accessorise with a  sustainable pair of Pala shades, which will see you through your next few staycations.

countryside cottages used for staycation holidays


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