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Top tips on caring for your sunglasses

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Let me ask you something, how many times have you heard “I don’t buy expensive sunglasses because I’ll either lose them or break them”?  Yep, it’s a common human assumption that because of our irresponsibility, we shouldn’t buy nice things.

Well, we are here to teach you how to care for your sunglasses, so you can start to invest in a good quality pair that will last a lifetime. So, let’s jump right in:


Always use a sunglasses case:


A sunglasses case can protect you new shades from life’s unpredictable mishaps, such as falling on the floor, being crushed or stepped on, getting tampered with and pulled apart, or scratched.

If you’re one of those people who will go inside, remove your sunglasses, and pop them straight on the table next to you, you run the risk of having them accidentally knocked off onto the ground or being crushed under a weightier object.

Or, are you one of those people who carry your sunglasses around in your pocket, handbag, or even just tucked into your collar as the cool kids do? Yes? Well, without the protection of a sunglasses case, your lens may sustain scratches, or get easily smudged.

Lesson number one, when you’re not wearing your sunglasses, always carry them in a sturdy case.


Clean your lenses… and no, not with the bottom of your t-shirt:


We have all been there, you’re on the beach or out in the park with friends or family, and your sunglasses get smudged with suncream or the grease from those hot chippies. The first thing you often see people do is to remove their shades, get the bottom of their t-shirt and start to wipe their lenses…no, no, no – please no!

It’s best to clean your lenses using a gentle lens solution. To avoid scratches, never wipe the lens when they’re dry as this can cause small tiny scratches.


Service your sunnies:


You want your sunglasses to last you a long time right? Well, just like anything else that you want to last i.e. your car, your bike, your house (you understand I am sure) every now and then they are going to need a little TLC.

Regularly check to make sure the screws or lenses aren’t loose. Keep a little DIY pack of sunglasses essentials – a cloth, lens solution, and screwdriver that will help keep your sunglasses in great condition.

No, don’t worry you don’t need to carry this around with you every time you wear your sunglasses. Just have it handy at home. If you need to do this and are not sure how check out our handy guide.

How to adjust your sunglasses.


Do not wear your sunglasses on top of your head!! 


Did you know this is the main reason sunglasses become damaged? If you wear sunglasses on top of your head then STOP right now!

This is where many people go wrong. Just like clothing for different body types, we all have different size and shaped heads. The right pair of sunglasses should sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose, and should not press against your cheeks or forehead. There should not be a huge gap between your temples and the arm of the sunglasses but they should also not sit so tight that they give you a headache.

This may cause them to stretch out and once they stretch, they start to drop down or off your face causing extra damage!

We know it looks stylish, but sunglasses are meant for your face, not your head. If you need to take your sunglasses (or even your eyeglasses) off just for a moment. We highly recommend getting a sunglasses cord (they’re pretty trendy these days!) or as above just pop them into their case – safe and sound.


Ensure the right fit – properly place them on your face!


This can sometimes mean you need to try a few pairs before your find the perfect fit. That is totally normal. Take your time, find the right fit.

So, to wrap up remember – always use a sunglasses case, never wear your sunglasses on your head, clean them using gentle lens solution, ensure the right fit, and every now and then give them a little TLC. There, that was easy!

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