Pala Ambassador

Antoine Auriol

At 15, his sporting life was turned upside down when he discovered a new sensation: windsurfing. This discipline corresponded to his temperament of creativity, freedom, combined with a love for speed, and being on the water. At the same time, Antoine discovered kitesurfing. The sport combines his previous disciplines: trampoline with it’s rotations in the air, artistic gymnastic for the power and the style, and windsurf for the knowledge of the wind and the sea. Since 2006, he is in the top 3 riders in the world, becoming World Champion KPWT 2010.

Antoine lives in Cadix (Spain), close to the sea, where he can be found training every day. He plays the piano and composes music that you could hear in his videos. He likes also to photography the world and people who cross his path…

Today, he is more than just a kite surfer. Antoine is a digital creator working with many brands, always open minded and ready for new adventures.

Instagram: @antoineauriol