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This week we are focusing on people, not price.

Our Founder, John, explains why Pala will once again be taking a different approach to ‘Black Friday’.

Roll up, roll up, the sales are coming to town!’ Yes, Black Friday is upon us… not so much a day, more a week of discounts, bargains and a level of consumption like no other. During this time, we can easily lose sight of what the ‘value’ of a product represents. The quality of materials absolutely, but what about the ‘who’ and the ‘how’ it was made? I find myself having increasing conversations with people who are becoming mindful of this and using it as a valid part of their decision-making process. It’s how the product makes them ‘feel’ – it’s the story and the people who are involved in that story. It follows that in being more mindful of what we are buying, we will likely buy less, but better. That has to be good surely?

So, this year I’m using Black Friday as my ‘trigger’ to open the doors a little further on the people behind Pala that work incredibly hard in bringing you your frames. A little glimpse into the lives of some of our ‘makers’ from around the world along with the ‘thanks to COVID-19 we’re working from home’ crew based here in the UK.

First up is this video we shot a few years back of the talented weavers we work with in Bolgatanga – today is its premier and we won’t even charge you a ticket! You can also visit our team page, which we are also revealing for the first time so that you can see a few more of the faces behind the scenes and maybe learn the odd strange revelation!  

Finally, from me and the team, we extend a hearty (and virtual) 2 metre socially distanced hug for being part of our community.

To emphasise Pala’s mission for change, we will be donating 10% of all sales acquired on ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ to Fashion Revolution. Fashion Revolution is an organisation focused on pushing for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain and working to educate through social media outreach, investigative research, innovative events and informative content.