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An update from team Pala…

The black graphic displays a B Corp Logo, an icon of hands holding in a gesture of solidarity and strength, and a title that reads: Fashion should never cost the earth. But that comes at a price.

We know transparency is key when it comes to being a better business. Plus, it feels good to build a connection with you and the rest of the Pala community on a foundation of trust.

So, we’ve got some news to share.

We have always prided ourselves on using the finest Italian bio-acetate to make the highest quality eyewear, with the lowest environmental impact possible.

The thing is, not even our supply chain is exempt from the rising cost of living. We’re committed to paying our manufacturers fairly in changing times and have seen the cost of materials, such as our bio-acetate increase by 15%. This is the most integral component to uphold an ethical product.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, we had one of two choices. Compromise the quality you expect and the sustainability required to protect the planet by switching to a subpar material or, increase our prices a touch.

This passionate B Corp team aren’t willing to compromise on values so close to our hearts. So as of this week, our prices have increased by 12%. This is a shift from £110 to £125 for non-polarised frames.

Your support means the world to us and we wouldn’t be able to see the world better without you. From funding eye care in Africa and empowering female weaving communities in Ghana, all the way through to producing in a way that is kinder to the planet.

So thank you, very much for your loyalty and support to date.

We hope this change won’t hold you back from being a lifelong Pala wearer or sharing our story. But if it does, keep in touch for a little longer. We’re working hard to find solutions for our community with the same big heart but a smaller budget.

(Spoiler… there’s a community exclusive outlet coming soon…)

John Pritchard – Founder

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